Day 1: Let the stories begin…

Many events remind us that the days left before school starts are dwindling: It gets darker earlier, fireflies come out, most students start doing their summer reading at the last minute, and the Browns are not quite yet out of the playoff picture. Some students regard day 1 of the school year with a great deal of apprehension. My most memorable first day as a student was when I was starting 7th grade.  It was a great, stress-free morning. The reason that I was so carefree is that my Mom forgot that it was the first day of school for me and my siblings! My grade school did half-day starts, K through grade 4 in the morning, grades 5 through 8 in the afternoon. I was innocently doing my paper route at 11:00 a.m. that morning, when my Mom screeched to a halt in our hideous light blue Chevy Monte Carlo. She started screaming: “IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! GET HOME AND CHANGE! YOU HAVE TO BE THERE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!”  In an instant, my summer was gone. By 12:30, I was in Sister Mary Eileen’s classroom, still wondering what happened…

I have always loved Day 1 as both a teacher and as a principal. It is always great to see everyone after the summer break, and catch up. Every new year really is a chance to reinvent yourself, to make new memories, and have hilarious stories that will stay with you forever. My childhood friends and I still remember every ridiculous thing that happened when we were growing up. To my current students, I hope that you get the chance to make great memories this year that will stay with you forever.

Remember, High School is literally a “once in a lifetime” event. We feel very fortunate to have you here with us at I.H.S.! Have an awesome year, and welcome home!!

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