A Mighty Oak From a Single Acorn

You never can tell when a great idea on paper will turn into an AMAZING idea in real life. We were lucky enough to have that happen at Independence High School five years ago. One of our Middle School teachers, Mr. Karl Schuld, approached us with the idea of starting a Varsity Girls Golf team, which we had never had before. For anyone who has ever been a head coach, you know how much time and energy gets put into that endeavor. Now, imagine what it would be like to start a high school varsity sport from scratch! Mr. Schuld was willing to invest the hundreds of hours of planning and organizing to give the team its start four years ago. Just starting the team from scratch was already a huge success story.  Mr. Schuld told me in 2014 that he would get this team to the OHSAA state tournament within 5 years. I have always known Mr. Schuld to be a man of his word, but this was an amazing promise. Little did we know what lay in the future…

In 2015, in only its second year, the team made it to the district tournament in Canton. Again, an incredible achievement. In 2016, the team finished SECOND at the state tournament at Ohio State. This was a unique achievement, as no one had heard of a team that had reached such lofty heights in only its third year of existence. There was a great deal of celebrating this achievement, but you could tell that the girls were not satisfied with second place, even though there are no guarantees that you will get back to the state tournament. It would be a huge hill to climb.

The team was “locked in” this season from the first tournament this past August.  All season long, the team racked up win after win, but there was only one goal in mind, and that goal was waiting at The Ohio State University Golf Course. All of the hard work, grit, and determination brought the team back to Columbus on October 13th for the state tournament.  Again, there are no guarantees in life: Someone could have a tough round, someone could get injured, the winds could be tricky on either day of the tournament. All the girls could do is go out and give it their best shot.

On Saturday, October 14th, the I.H.S. Girls Varsity Golf team completed the mission, as they were crowned as state champions, in only their fourth year of existence! This was the first championship by a girls team in the 95-year history of our school district. Seniors Lyndsay Blum, Maddie Harper, Madeline Mindzora, and Sophia Trombetta were with the program at its very start, and they will be leaving I.H.S. as  state champions. We will be honoring the team on Thursday, November 2nd at 9 a.m. in the I.H.S. Auditorium. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Again, this was all just an idea five years ago, and now it has resulted in a state title and a program that is primed for many more successful years. Congratulations to all members of the team and to Coach Schuld for a job VERY well done!