Some Belated Thanks…

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, and enjoyed the time off with family and friends. We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and I did not get a chance to post this before Thanksgiving Day (due to the fact that we put off almost all of the cleaning until the last minute.) Since the Christmas decorations are not up yet, the spirit of Thanksgiving is still in our house. With that spirit in mind, here are some belated thanks…

I am thankful…

for my family, and all the patience and support that they give me in this job. I would be nothing without them.

for my close circle of childhood friends, as we are still together in our fourth decade of friendship. There’s nothing like friends remembering stories from 30 years ago like it was last week!

for co-workers that I regard as my second family. If you find a job that you love, and great people to work with,  you are truly blessed.

that I get to work with great students week after week, and  that they always make me laugh really hard at least once every day. It’s awesome to get to share their school experience on a daily basis.

for our great community that supports our school district and our students. There is no place like Independence!

for all of the great teachers that I had growing up, and for the time they took to understand us as individuals. They are the ones that really made me appreciate how important it is for a teacher to connect and engage with kids.

that so many of my former students stay in touch, and that several have moved home to Independence to raise their own kids. That is truly awesome!

to live in a country that gives unlimited opportunities and freedoms to its citizens. And I am equally thankful for the men and women who came before us to give us our freedoms, and for those brave individuals who protect these freedoms today.

that Grandpa McGuinness’ love of football transferred to me back in 1979.

that I got rid of my Browns’ season tickets after 2014. I’m also thankful that I’m old enough to remember when the Browns were REALLY good and relevant. (30 years ago!)

for all of the dogs that I have owned in my lifetime. The loyalty and love of a dog cannot be matched!

that John Lennon met Paul McCartney by chance in 1957 in Liverpool, and I’m thankful for the love of The Beatles that my Mom gave me. (She wore out two copies of Abbey Road on vinyl when I was a little kid.)

The list of things to be thankful for is truly endless. As this year is starting to wind down, I hope that all of us have the opportunity to reflect on what really matters, and all of the people, places, and experiences that we have to be thankful for.

“Remember to take a break and be thankful for what you have, where you’ve been, and for what lies ahead.”